You can easily create a dedicated page detailing your banner advertising rates and site information for potential advertisers using <table> tags to build a table.

Advertise with Periodic
Ad Zone Banner Size Est. Impressions 30 Day Price
Contact Us to Learn More
Leaderboard 468×60 500,000 $750
Home Sidebar Premium 300×250 300,000 $500
Home Sidebar Bottom 120×240 250,000 $300
Home Sidebar Bottom 125×125 200,000 $200

This is merely an example. You can optionally link any of your unsold advertising banners back to this page as we have done with the demo.

The HTML Code For Demo Table

The above displayed table is generated using the following valid HTML <table> tags.

<!-- copy and past this code in the HTML Editor -->
     <caption>Advertise with Periodic</caption>
               <th>Ad Zone>/th<
               <th>Banner Size</th>
               <th>Est. Impressions</th>
               <th>30 Day Price</th>
               <td colspan="4"><a class="button blue-button" href="" title="Contact" >Contact Us</a> to Learn More</td>
               <td>Home Sidebar Premium</td>
               <td>Home Sidebar Bottom</td>
               <td> 250,000</td>
               <td>Home Sidebar Bottom</td>

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